AD623: Power on/off time

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We use an AD623ARMZ in an application in which the supply voltage +5V and -5V
needs to be defined more precisely.
What is missing in the datasheet of AD623 is the definition of the power supply
slope rate for this amplifier.
Can you please tell me the recommended slope rate for the +/- 5V supply with
minimum and maximum values ?



The AD623 (and most in amps in general) are pretty robust to how fast/slow the
power supplies are turned on. 

More important is that the input voltage does not exceed the power supply
voltages; the inputs should be energized after the power supplies are turned
on.  If voltage on the inputs is unavoidable when the power supplies are off,
use resistors at the inputs to limit the current flowing into the inputs to 5 mA

or less.