AD594: Type T thermocouple

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I was just wondering if the AD594 Monolithic amplifier would work with a Type T


You can use the AD595 with type T but not the AD594, see the following extract
from the datasheet for explanation:

Because of the similarity of thermal EMFs in the 0°C to +50°C range between
type K and type T thermocouples, the AD595 can be directly used with both types
of inputs. Within this ambient temperature range the AD595 should exhibit no
more than an additional 0.2°C output calibration error when used with type T
inputs. The error arises because the ice point compensator is trimmed to type K
characteristics at 25°C. To calculate the AD595 output values over the
recommended –200°C to +350°C range for type T thermocouples, simply use the
ANSI thermocouple voltages referred to 0°C and the output equation given on
page 2 for the AD595. Because of the relatively large nonlinearities associated
with type T thermocouples the output will deviate widely from the nominal 10
mV/°C. However, cold junction compensation over the rated 0°C to +50°C ambient
will remain accurate.