AD5933_AN847 equation6 error

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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In AN-847's 6th page, there are several formula, I think the "8mV" should be
800mV, isn't it?


yes these are typo's or errors.
For range 2: Equation 6 on page 6 of 12 should have read Output Excitation
voltage "d/c bias" is approximately equal to (800mv/3.2v) x Vdd so with the
example give equation 8 should have read, for a supply of
+5v the output excitation "dc/bias" is (800mv/3.2v) x +5.0v = 1.25v
The a/c or peak to peak excitation value is given by (1.0/3.2 x Vdd) =
(1.0/3.2v)x5.0v=1.5625v p-p so at a supply of +5v range 2 will be a 1.5625pk-pk
ac wave biased on a
+1.25v dc signal.