Labview Error 1172 (.NET exception) when starting AD5780 evaluation software

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I get an error 1172 when starting the evaluation software. I am using an SDP-S
control board with the AD5780 evaluation kit.


Error 1172 is a generic LabVIEW error indicating there was an error thrown
during a .NET assembly call. The sdpAPI1.dll is a .NET assembly. I expect this
is because you are using the incorrect SDP board. 
The SDP-B (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z) and not the SDP-S is the required controller board
for the AD5780 evaluation system.

The connector on the SDP-B and SDP-S is the same so physically the boards
(controller and Eval) might connect, however the SDP-S doesn’t have the same
number of peripherals available as the SDP-B, so a lot of the pins are No