AD2S80_SC1 SC2 input voltage

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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AD2S80A has adjustable resolution, and it is selected by SC1 and SC2 pins,
right? But one customer said when he use AD2S80A, the resolution is 10bit fixed
no matter how to set the SC1 and SC2.
His circuit is designed according to the fig.8 of datasheet, and R4 and R6 use
right value. The problem is that the resolution can not be changed.
Could you give me some suggestion about it. Thanks very much!


Please ensure you are applying 5V or 12V to the SCI and SC2 inputs ?
The SC1, SC2 and Dataload pins are all 12V pins not 5V. If he is only applying
5V I would expect the resolution to be stuck at 10 bits as you are describing.