AD1896: Configuration

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Please I would like to know how to configure the AD1896 to convert the incoming
44.1khz sample rate to 192khz. I use an CS8416 as receiver and a CS43122 as AD


The AD1896 can be used with a 192kHz output in slave mode, it cannot be used
with a 192kHz output in master mode. The following notes should clarify.

The maximum master clk frequency at which the AD1895/AD1896 is guaranteed to
run at is 30Mhz. The master clock has to be at least 144 times greater than the
maximum input or output sample rate (datasheet value of 138 is incorrect and
will be revised).
In addition, when operating one of the ports in master mode, the AD1895/AD1896
requires an fs x 256, fs x 512, or fs x 768 master clk. It is NOT possible to
run the AD1895 or AD1896 in master mode at 192 kHz as the master clock would
have to be ~49 MHz, which is higher than the maximum clock rate of 30 MHz.  
The master clock for the AD1896 in slave mode is independent of and
asynchronous to the input and output rates. 
As the datasheet implies, only one port can be a master, while the other has to
be a slave, alternatively both ports can be slaves.