Why the Analog Input Current from ?10mA to 10 mA was limited.

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There is a question about AD10465.
We can find that the Analog Input Current range is -10mA~10mA.
The customer wanted to know why there is such limitation and it is hard for him
to make sure the current can satisfy our AD10465's specification (the current
may overshoot in his application).
Attached is the customer's schematic. << File: AD10465????.pdf >>
Is it because the amplifier (input and output range) and the rated power of the
resistors integrated in AD10465?
It would be helpful if you can offer some typical circuits for such ADC's
over-current protection.


The limit is based on the current density of the input resistor network.  We
are conservative on this number but can not guarantee the results if the
absolute max is violated.  If the overshoot is not to high in amplitude or too
long the customer may be ok but that is a risk the customer will have to
take.   I do not have a lot of info on how our customer’s are handling over
ranging protection on the circuits.