Getting Started with ADSP-CM41x Mixed-Signal Control Processors

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Where can I find the information about ADSP-CM41xF?


What do I need in order to evaluate the ADSP-CM41xF Processors?

  1. Hardware: ADSP-CM419F Evaluation Hardware
  2. Development Tools : IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) v 7.60.1 OR Keil MDK Version 5.

  3. Segger J-Link Software: Version 6.20
  4. Board Support Package: Version 1.2.0



This section explains about the ADSP-CM419F Evaluation Board Evaluation Hardware.


1.    The ADSP-CM419F Evaluation Hardware provides a low cost hardware solution for users to evaluate the Analog Devices ADSP-CM41xF         microcontroller family, and includes the J-LINK LITE ARM emulator from Segger, and necessary cables for bring up. Currently we provide         ADSP-CM419F EZ-KIT in order to assist in evaluating the entire ADSP-CM41xF family. ADSP-CM419F  can be considered as a superset           product having all the features, please visit datasheet for other package options.


2.    The ADSP-CM419F Board Design Database contains all of the electronic information required for the design, layout, fabrication and                    assembly of the ADSP-CM419F EZ-KIT boards.


3.     Two expansion connectors are available for connecting probing boards that extend the system’s evaluation capabilities:

    • The Analog 120-Pin Probing Board (Part# ADZS-120ANA-SAM) which provides a point for probing any signal of the 120-pin expansion interface connector.
    • The PWM 180-Pin Probing Board (Part# ADZS-180PWM-SAM) provides probing points for any signal of the 180-pin expansion interface connector.

Development Tools Bring Up: IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM) 7.60.1 & Board Support Package 1.2.0

This section explains how to bring up the ADSP-CM419F Evaluation Board with IAR EWARM 7.60.1 and BSP 1.2.0. Follow the order of installation steps explained below in the given order.


1.     Download and install limited version of IAR EWARM from this FTP link: (IAR Installation Link) . Since this is a limited version, please         go through this link (IAR EWARM Limited Edition restrictions) for more information on what is supported. Contact IAR Systems                             support team in case of any questions on the tool installation and licenses. IAR Systems maybe approached for purchase of full license.             The default installation directory is "C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\"  


2.     Download and install ADSP-CM41x Board Support Package for IAR - (Rev. 1.2.0) from this link: (ADSP-CM41x Board Support                       Package for  IAR ). The ADSP-CM41x Board Support Package for IAR package is free to download, and does not need a separate                     license to be installed  in EWARM. Release Notes of the BSP can be found here (Release Notes): Installing this software package                       automatically:    


                    a. Adds ADSP-CM41x IAR configuration files into the IAR Embedded Workbench folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR                                                Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.2\arm\config). The IAR configuration files consist of files for linking, flash loading and                        debugging. 


                    b. Adds startup code, device drivers (source code and libraries), examples and documentation into the Analog Devices installation                         folder. "C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-CM41x-Rel1.2.0"


       Refer to BSP User Guide for more details. The User Guide and other documentation can be found here: "C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-                    CM41x-Rel1.2.0\ADSP-CM41x-EZ-KIT\doc"


3.    Download and install J-Link Software - Version 6.20 from Segger website (Segger J-Link Software packages)


4.    Bringing up the evaluation board with tools: This section assumes that above steps of IAR and BSP installations are completed.


         1) Bring up the Evaluation board with development tools as decribed below. Use Figures 2&3 in the ADSP-CM41x Board Support                      Package User's Guide as reference. 

         2) Connect the EZ-KIT board to a personal computer (PC) running IAR Embedded WorkBench, using a JLink/J-Trace emulator:
               a. Plug one side of the USB cable into the USB connector of the emulator. Plug the other side into a USB port of the PC running IAR                        Embedded WorkBench.
               b. Attach the emulator to the header connector, P1 or P2 , on the EZ-KIT board.
         3)  Attach the provided cord and appropriate plug to the 5V power adapter:
               a. Plug the jack-end of the power adapter into the power connector P19 on the EZ-KIT board.
               b. Plug the other side of the power adapter into a power outlet. The power LED ( LED1 ) is lit green when power is applied to the                   board. 

         4) By default, a "Power On Self Test code" would be booted from flash and LEDs 2 and 3 would be blinking.

         5) Examples for various peripherals can be found here "C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-CM41x-Rel1.2.0\ADSP-CM41x-EZ-KIT\Examples"

             To open an example (for example Button_LED_callback) first open AR Embedded Workbench, and go to FIle -> Open ->                                      Workspace -> "C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-CM41x-Rel1.2.0\ADSP-CM41x-EZ-KIT\Examples\gpio\Button_LED_callback\M4\iar" 

             Open Button_LED_GPIO.eww. Then to build and run the code, click on "Download and Debug" button in IAR Embedded Workbench       


5.    Training Videos: In addition to the documentation provided with the IAR EWARM tools and ADSP-CM41x Board Software Package User's         Guide, IAR provide Video Tutorials, Articles, Datasheets, etc, including a two-part IAR Embedded Workbench Overview providing an                   overview and some of the important features of the IAR EWARM IDE, as well as demonstrating a download and debug session:


         IAR Embedded Workbench Overview Part 1

         IAR Embedded Workbench Overview Part 2


Are any other development tools available for the ADSP-CM41x Processors? 

Version 5 of Keil's Motorcontroller Development Kit (MDK), along with the Analog Devices ARM Cortex-M4 and ARM Cortex-M0 CM41x Family , now supports the ADSP-CM41x processors. The pack file is available here.


More information can be found in:-

1. Release Notes

2. User’s Guide (is found after you install the BSP)


Installation requirements:

Install the following software in their order given below:

  1. Install Keil MDK first
  2. Install ADSP-CM41xF Board Support Package
  3. Install Segger J-LINK Software (only if newer versions required)


Please follow the instructions for security enablement similar to the case of IAR tool (including Cross Core Serial Flash Programmer)



Training Material and Examples

The ADSP-CM41x Board Support Package  includes a number of examples, located within the “ADSP-CM41x-EZ-KIT\examples\” folder within the installation directory. Within the Code Examples section of the ADSP-CM41x Board Support package User's Guide, there is documentation on the use of the provided code examples and software drivers, and each example includes a readme file providing a description of the example and instructions for its use.


These examples are designed to run on the ADSP-CM419F EZ-Kit, using a Segger J-Link emulator to load and run the application, and include Device Driver and System Service examples for a variety of peripherals, and the Power-On Self Test demo - which tests the many peripherals of the ADSP-CM419F Board - that is pre-programmed on the EZ-KITs during production.



How do I contact technical support?


  • Questions about the ADSP-CM41xF processor architecture, peripherals, programming, applications and hardware design, can be posted to the ADSP-CM4XX Processors community
  • Questions specific to evaluation hardware, should be posted to the Hardware Tools community.
  • Email support is also available for these topics, here.
  • Questions about IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM should be directed here: Technical support - IAR
  • Questions about the Keil Microcontroller Development Kit should be directed here: Keil Product Support