FAQ: Unable to find cld_bf70x_bulk_lib.h.

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If you get the error "cc2388: catastrophic error: cannot open source file "cld_bf70x_bulk_lib.h" while trying to build Video Occupancy Sensor module 3.3.0, then you are missing the CLD USB libraries.


The CLD Bulk Library v1.1 and header file can be downloaded from the CLD website http://www.cld-llc.com/adi.html.

Download “cld_bf70x_bulk_library_v1_1.7z”, the file should be extracted using “7-Zip” tool (http://www.7-zip.org/). Once the file is extracted, copy cld_bf70x_bulk_lib.dlb and cld_bf70x_bulk_lib.h files to <Install Folder>/SoftwareModules/ADZS_BF707_BLIP2_Board-Rel1.0.0/Blackfin/lib/


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