FAQ: Things to Acquire before evaluating the Occupancy Sensing solutions

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The hardware & software requirements for evaluating the Occupancy Sensor solutions are as below:



The occupancy sensor can be evaluated on a Blackfin Low Power Imaging Platform (BLIP) board from Analog Devices Inc. If you do not have a Blackfin Low Power Imaging Platform board already, you can order one at www.analog.com/blip under the section "Buy". This will contain the ICE-1000 emulator, USB cables along with the BLIP board.



Once you acquired the BLIP hardware evaluation board, the AD Vision Sensor Controller GUI comes in handy to quickly test the Occupancy Sensor solution. The ADVisionSensorController software cane be downloaded from www.analog.com/blip under the section "Software". This is the only software you will need to evaluate the modules.


If you want to make any applications specific changes for your solutions, you can directly go and get the corresponding software packages from www.analog.com/bf-vos or (IOS) www.analog.com/bf-ios.


Please note the following modules are required to build and run the Indoors/Video Occupancy Sensor applications (latest version recommended) -


Building and running the modules also requires the CrossCore Embedded Studio from Analog Devices at www.analog.com/cces.


This FAQ was generated from the following discussion: As a first time user, what all do I need to get started with Occupancy sensor module?

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