FAQ: BLIP Hardware setup for Indoor Occupancy Sensor

Document created by NagarjunaG Employee on Dec 4, 2015
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This FAQ gives quick help on installation & setup requirements for Indoor Occupancy Sensor using the BLIP (Blackfin Low power Imaging Platform)


The BLIP board has 2 on board sensors - The OVM7692 and ASX340AT sensors. For best results the use of ASX340AT is recommended. Choose any of the two on board sensors and install it such that the correct sensor faces the scene. The sensor must be aligned to the field of view (FOV). The imaging sensor must be facing at an angle towards the field of view (perspective installation) or directly facing downwards at zero degree angle (direct overhead installation).


For indoors applications, the BLIP board must be mounted overhead on the ceiling of the room (at least at a height of 10 ft to get a good field of view), with the door in the field of view. The complete room (or at least 80-90% of the room) should be visible in the camera’s field of view. The setup we used for testing was with the camera mounted at approximately 10 ft above the floor to get a field of view of 10 ft x 15 ft.

The FOV of the installation for our testing is shown below:




This FAQ was generated from the following discussion: Hardware setup of BLIP board for IOS?