FAQ: Getting New Devices into ADIsimRF

Document created by enash Employee on Jan 7, 2010Last modified by AndyR on Jan 31, 2012
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How can I get a version of ADIsimRF which includes newly released devices?
Whenever, we update ADIsimRF, we add newly released devices to the internal database. Generally, we do about two upgrades per year.
You can manually add devices to the database using the device's data sheet. Open up ADIsimRF, and using the datasheet spec table and/or plots, key in the data at your frequency of interest into any one of the stages. Then, select File -> Save Custom Part As. Key in the stage number you are using and under Part Name, key in the ADI device number. This will add a single frequency point to the internal database.

To capture data at multiple frequencies, you can repeat this step over and over, keying in data at a different frequency each time but always using the same ADI device number (do not try to enter frequency specific part numbers such as ADXXXX_100_MHz; there is no need to do this). This will allow you to build up a complete frequency-specific model in the database. Repeating this process over and over does not over-write data at other frequencies.