FAQ: ADIS16448 CRC In The Burst Mode!

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Jul 8, 2015
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Does the ADIS16448 have any option for CRC coding to help assure proper communication?



It does now! Recently, the ADIS16448AMLZ was obsoleted and a new model, ADIS16448BMLZ was introduced to the market.  The ADIS16448BMLZ in the same package, has the same pinout, same SPI protocol and the same register map as the ADIS16448AMLZ, but also has an improved calibration (expansion of temperature range) and also has a User-selectable option for adding a CRC-16 code to the end of each Burst Read sequence.  This option has not made it into the product datasheet yet, but we wanted to post this information in parallel with the datasheet update process.


To enable this feature, set MSC_CTRL[4] = 1.  Note, the factory default for this feature will be to disable it.



Once this is enabled, the Burst Mode read will operate in this manner:





The ADIS16448 computes the CRC-16 code using the following flow chart:




Stay tuned for ADIS16448 datasheet updates and more information......