FAQ: AD6LoWPAN 3-Node demonstration - procedure and required tools

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The AD6LoWPAN EDKv1.0 contains ADWSN-UI-Tool with a 3-Node demo wizard embedded in as a visual tool to help everyone easily setup a fully functional 6LoWPAN network. This tool is good enough for the basic demonstration. Apart from this tool, Wireshark for over the air packet analysis, and IAR EWARM >v6.5, J-link lite drivers, VCP drivers for USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ for development purposes are required. For more information please refer to All-in-One Getting Started Guide that is supplied along with the installer package.

The visual tool facilitates validating the configuration of all the devices that are part of the demonstration, to form a proper network. (3 devices are used in this evaluation demonstration).


The different modes supported by the 3-Node Demo wizard shown are:

  • Border Router
    • <==  Node1 
    • <==  Node2
  • Border Router <== Router  <== Node
  • Border Router
    • <==  Node
    • <==  Sniffer

The 3-Node demo allows user to quickly verify the configuration of the devices.  If the configuration of all the devices connected are proper, then the visual tool will take the user directly to “Monitor And Control” window to establish communication by clicking next button.

If the configuration of any one of the devices connected is not valid to form the intended network, the tool will prompt with an error message and advises the user to re-configure the particular parameter of the device. User can right click on the device of choice from the tool and select “Configure Device” option as shown below.


After the device is configured properly, user can go to the 3-Node Demo to validate the configuration by clicking on the 3-Node Demo Wizard window.  The following configuration parameters of the devices are used to validate the configuration to form network. User need to take care to set these parameters properly.

    • MAC Address
    • PAN ID
    • ISM Band
    • PHY
    • Channel
    • Orbit Number

Note: Please make sure that each device is programmed/configured with a unique MAC address.


After setting up the demo topologies using the wizard the users can visualize key performance benchmarks under the Node Performance tab in Monitor And Control section of the ADWSN-UI tool.


The Sensor Data tab shows the real time sensor data graph for all supported sensors on the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z Bunch WSN Evaluation platform.



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