How to enable only L1 cache and not L2 cache OR vice-versa?

Document created by Harshit.Gaharwar Employee on Jun 15, 2015
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By default when the project is created in the CCES for Cortex A5 core in ADSP-SC58x processor, the cache for both L1 and L2 space is enabled. If the user want to have only one enabled/disabled in the application this can be done by defining the following in the application:

#include <runtime/cache/adi_cache.h>

/* To disable Cache */

uint32_t adi_cache_gEnable = 0;   

/*To enable only L1 cache */

uint32_t adi_cache_gEnable = ADI_CACHE_ENABLE_L1;

/*To enable only L2 cache cache */

uint32_t adi_cache_gEnable = ADI_CACHE_ENABLE_L2;

/*To enable both L1 and L2 cache */

uint32_t adi_cache_gEnable = ADI_CACHE_ENABLE_ALL;

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