How to configure GIC of edge triggered interrupt sources?

Document created by Harshit.Gaharwar Employee on Jun 15, 2015
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In ADSP-SC58x, some peripheral interrupt sources are level triggered and some are edge triggered.

By default the ‘adi_int_InstallHandler’ configures a peripheral as level triggered. In order to generate an interrupt for an edge sensitive interrupt sources, user needs to configure it in the software before triggering the interrupt source using:

  • adi_gic_ConfigInt(SIG_INT,  ADI_GIC_INT_EDGE_SENSITIVE, 0); for GIC for Cortex A5
  • adi_sec_EnableEdgeSense(SIG_INT, true); for SEC for SHARC+ cores.

Some peripheral whose interrupt sources are edge sensitive are FIR,IIR, FFT, EMDMA, HADC, CGU etc.