Is it possible to change the default boot mode peripheral instances?

Document created by Harshit.Gaharwar Employee on Jun 15, 2015
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>> By default following boot modes are supported on Power on Reset in ADSP-SC58x:

  1. 1. SPI2 Master Boot
  2. 2. SPI2 Slave Boot
  3. 3. UART0 Slave boot
  4. 4. LP0 Slave boot

In order to change the default boot mode say SPI1 instead of SPI2 for master boot on Power On Reset, this can be achieved by programming the dbootcommand for SPI master in the OTP space referenced by ADI_ROM_OTP_BOOT_CMD_INFO inside ADI_ROM_OTP_BOOT_INFO structure in cdefSC58x_rom.h file.

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