How is the ACM on SC58x different from that on BF60x processor?

Document created by vinodbableshwar on Jun 12, 2015
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the ACM module on SC58x is same as that of BF50x with two changes listed below:

1. The ACM_CTL.EPS bit in SC58x is used to choose between SPORT0A and SPORT0B unlike BF60x where it was used to select between SPORT2/SPORT3.

2. SC58x ACM has only three triggers to trigger an ACM event. The trigger source is selected by programming the TRGSEL field in the ACM_CTL MMR.

a. 00 - PC12(any edge on the PC12 pin will generate an ACM event)

b. 01 - Reserved

c. 10 - Trigger from TRU

d. 11- Trigger from TRU