How is SWU on SC58x different from that on BF60x processor?

Document created by Kritika on Jun 12, 2015
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SWU on SC58x is same as that on BF60x except few features, which are mentioned below.


  1. In addition to address channels, data channels are also monitored by the SWU. The channel to be monitored is defined by SWU_CTLn.DATACNTMODE bit.
  2. In addition to counting the number of transaction, SWU can also count the number of stalls in Bandwidth mode. This feature can be configured using SWU_CTLn.STALLCNTMODE.
  3. SWU allows to count more transactions by scaling the number of transactions and also the number of clock cycles in Bandwidth mode. The scaling factor can be configured using SWU_CTLn.SCALE bits.