What evaluation tools are available for ADXRS290? (Part 2)

Document created by venkat on Jan 30, 2015
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The EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M/M2 is an easy-to-use evaluation tool targeting bench or desktop characterization of the ADXRS290 gyro.  The system contains the inertial sensor evaluation main board (ISEB) and the EVAL-ADXRS290Z-S or S2 satellite board. In addition, a USB-A to mini-B cable is included to connect the ISEB to a PC, and an 18-inch, 20-pin ribbon cable is included to connect the ISEB to the satellite board. The USB connection provides both communications and power to the board. The ribbon cable allows users to easily manipulate the satellite board for testing or to be separately placed into an environmental chamber for temperature or humidity testing.  Separating the boards mitigates corruption of data due to temperature and humidity effects on other components. The ISEB is a universal main board and is used with various satellite boards of Analog Devices inertial sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes. The different products are evaluated by means of separate GUIs that are customized for performance and characterization measurements relevant to the inertial sensor being evaluated.  The differences between the ADXRS290Z-M and other -M devices, such as ADXL345Z-M or ADXL362Z-M, are only in the circuit used to detect power consumption.  The complete user guide is attached below.


Difference between EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M and EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M2

EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M: Analog Devices Inertial Sensor Evaluation System, which includes a socket version of the satellite (ADXRS290-S) board.


EVAL-ADXRS290Z-S: ADXRS290 Satellite, Standalone Socket Version.


EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M2: Analog Devices Inertial Sensor Evaluation System, which includes a soldered version of the satellite (ADXRS290-S2) board.


EVAL-ADXRS290Z-S2: ADXRS290 Satellite, Standalone Soldered Version.