EVAL-MELODY-5 Evaluation Board support files (public)

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This FAQ applies to the EVAL-MELODY-5 Evaluation Board. All the latest versions of the support files that are available to the public will be attached below. Additional documentation is provided with the source code releases for these evaluation boards. For more information, please discuss with your ADI sales contact.


Below are the support files for these evaluation board. We recommend that, if you download and use these files, you subscribe to email notifications for either the entire forum or at least this FAQ by clicking on the menu to the right.  In this way, you will be automatically notified if there are any comments or changes to this FAQ or attached documents. If the menu choice is "Stop email notifications," then you are already subscribed.


EVAL-MELODY-5_rev0p3_schems_20150821.pdfSchematics (in PDF format) for this evaluation board
EVAL-MELODY-5_rev0p3_schems_OrCAD_20150821.zipSchematics (in OrCAD format) for this evaluation board
EVAL-MELODY-5_BOM_20150112.pdfBOM (in PDF format) for this evaluation board
EVAL-MELODY-5_XC2C256_1SH_20150604.zipCPLD source code and programming file for 1-SHARC configuration
EVAL-MELODY-5_XC2C256_2SH_20150604.zipCPLD source code and programming file for 2-SHARC configuration
EVAL-MELODY-5_rev0p3_Allegro_layout_20141117.zipLayout (in Allegro format) for this evaluation board
CCES_BF524_N25Q032_flash_programmer.dxeCCES Flash Programming Driver for BF524 / N25Q032
CCES_21489_N25Q032_flash_programmer.dxeCCES Flash Programming Driver for ADSP-21489 / N25Q032
UG-784User Guide for this evaluation board