AD8364 Operation at 2.7 GHz

Document created by enash Employee on Dec 3, 2014
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Question: AD8364 is specified to operate up to 2.7 GHz but the datasheet only shows data at 2.5 GHz. Do you have any data showing performance up to 2.7 GHz.


Answer: The attached plots show sweeps of Channel A and Channel B at 2.7 GHz.  In the first two plots, Channel A and Channel B are swept respectively with the output voltage being measured at OUTA or OUTB. In the third plot, Channel B is held at -25 dBm. Channel A is swept and the voltage difference between OUTP and OUTN is measured. This data was taken on the newer evaluation board (AD8364-EVALZ) which uses a broadband Anaren balun.