AD9144 - What JESD204B SERDES modes are available on the AD9144?

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The AD9144 has 4 DACs and 8 available SERDES lanes with flexible interface configurations to meet various customer needs.  The table below shows the transport layer JESD204B link parameters for each mode supported.  These parameters are defined per link; all modes listed are supported in single link operation whereas dual link operation is only supported for Mode 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10.



ParameterMode 0Mode 1Mode 2Mode 3 Mode 4Mode 5Mode 6Mode 7Mode 9Mode 10
M (Converter Counts)4444222211
L (Lane Counts)8842442121
S (Samples/Converter/Frame)1211121111
F (Octets/Frame/Lane)1224122412
K (Frames/Multiframe)3216 or 3216 or 3216 or 323216 or 3216 or 3216 or 323216 or 32



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