FAQ: ADRadioNet radio profiles with ADF7024

Document created by NagarjunaG Employee on Sep 23, 2014
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I see only 6 radio profiles recommended in this offering with ADF7024. Can I create my own radio profiles to suit my requirements beyond these suggested profiles?


ADRadioNet is not restricted to operate in any particular radio profile, however the ADF7024 is designed with constrained radio profile settings, optimized for the user to concentrate more on the protocol and system level design and prototyping.

In total 6 radio profiles covering common data rate and modulation options are suggested with ADF7024 as shown in Table 1.


If you want to operate with different data rate, frequency deviation, channel spacing etc (other than the radio profiles specified in ADF7024) then you can consider the ADF7023 transceiver, which can operate between 1kbps and 300kbps in steps of 1 kbps.


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