FAQ: What is the difference between an EZ-KIT and EZ-BRD?

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What is the difference between an EZ-KIT and EZ-BRD and where can I find information of what you receive in the box when you purchase these packages?







The EZ-KIT package contains the Evaluation board and power supply and also includes a Stand-Alone Debug Agent (SADA) board - See below for information on the SADA board. Each EZ-KIT package differs but generally will include accessories like audio, USB or Ethernet cables and/or an SD Card. You will find exact details of what is included with each EZ-KIT in the Package Contents section of the respective Evaluation System Manual. Below you will find a link to the SHARC and Blackfin Manuals:


SHARC - www.analog.com/sharcmanuals

Blackfin - www.analog.com/blackfin/manuals





The EZ-BRD package contains only the Evaluation board and power supply as this package is intended for customers who already have a JTAG Emulator or an existing SADA board that can be used to connect to the board. Note that the EZ-BRD package does not include the accessories you receive with the EZ-KIT package.


SADA Board

The SADA Board is a USB Debug interface that can be used with any other EZ-BRD, and some third-party boards. Full information is
available here. Note that you are unable to use the SADA board with custom hardware. Have a look at the following FAQ for further information: FAQ: Can I use the Stand Alone Debug Agent board with my custom board?

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