FAQ: Lockbox on EZ-Kits

Document created by ColinJ on Sep 22, 2014
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Can I use the ADI EZ-Kit and Lockbox to secure my application?




The short answer is "No".

If you wish to demonstrate Lockbox features using an ADI EZ-Kit you MUST use the keys that are provided pre-programmed on every EZ-Kit. All EZ-Kits have a customer key pre-programmed on them for demonstration/evaluation purposes.

When customers purchase Blackfin processors, customers will be provided with Blackfin processors on which they can program their own customer public key in OTP. The EZ-Kits are special cases as they are evaluation boards and have the keys pre-programmed and publicly documented to facilitate customer evaluation of Lockbox features and remove the burden of key generation and OTP programming from the customer.

If you wish to use EZ-Kits, you MUST use the EZ-Kit keys. There is no confidentiality associated with the EZ-Kit key because we publicly document the public and private key pair for the EZ-Kit in order to allow customers to use them for evaluation and in order to provide support to customers without having to exchange confidential keys or information.

You may use the EZ-Kit key pair to generate your demo and then provide the keys to your users, however, the EZ-Kit cannot be used to secure any information that must remain confidential.

If you wish to create a demo that had confidential keys, you must build your own board with Blackfins that you personalize with your own keys.


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