Best Practices on Marking Discussions - Correct, Helpful, Assumed Answered

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Best Practices on Marking Discussions


By marking discussions as questions, you can easily keep track of unanswered questions in a space by using the Unanswered Questions widget on the space's overview page.

  • If someone replies to a question with the correct answer, it's good practice to mark their reply as Correct. That way, others who have the same question can quickly see which reply is the most useful.


  • A Helpful reply is on the right track, while a Correct reply answered your question. Correct and Helpful answers earn status points for their creators. Note that the Correct Answer option can only be seen in discussions that have the Mark this discussion as a question check box selected.

  • Tag discussions so that others can search for and benefit from them later.



What is the value of the Assumed Answered feature?


  • Use it to mark a question which should perhaps never been marked as a question in the first place (i.e. it is more of a discussion) as "answered" Then, it drops off the "unanswered questions" filter (if you choose to use this filter).
  • Use it if a question gets quite a few responses, lots of engagement.  But there was no clear 'winner' with the correct answer.
  • Use it for an old question that is likely stale.
  • Use it when someone posts 'Question' then later replies to themselves 'never mind, I found the answer'
  • Use it when someone posts 'Question' but never comes back to close out their question by marking an answer.


How do I remove the Assumed Answered?


  • To remove Assumed Answered from a piece of content, select a reply as being the "Correct Answer"  and you will see the Assumed Answered text is removed next to the title.
  • If you marked a reply or comment as the "Correct Answer" you can click UnMark as Correct Answer. Your Discussion will now be back to an Unanswered Question status.



How do I make a discussion Unanswered?


  • Simply click the UnMark as Correct Answer on the "Correct Answer" reply.   Your Discussion will now be back to an Unanswered Question status.
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