FAQ: What is the Encrypt-Hash and Hash-Decrypt mode in PKTE module

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What is the Encrypt-Hash and Hash-Decrypt mode in PKTE module?





PKTE module allows the encryption and hashing to be done in parallel. For this two modes are supported. Encrypt-Hash and Hash-Decrypt.

Encrypt-Hash operation mean that the ciphertext obtained from the encryption for a given source input (plaintext) will be used as an input for hashing and then it will produce hash message digest output. So final result will hold the following:

  1. The ciphertext(encrypted output) for a given input
  2. The hash message digest output for a ciphertext generated in step a.

Hash-Decrypt will do the reverse operation of Encrypt-Hash. It will take the ciphertext as input source and will generate the hash message digest output and plaintext(decrypted output) from the ciphertext.