FAQ: Does CrossCore Embedded Studio Support C++ 11?

Document created by ColinJ on Jun 11, 2014
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Does CrossCore Embedded Studio support C++11? If so, what is supported?



The Blackfin compiler accepts many features of the ANSI/ISO 14882:2011 Standard (C++11), when the -c++11 switch is used. Note that the underlying run-time library conforms to ANSI/ISO 14882:2003. When the -c++ switch is used, the compiler conforms to the ANSI/ISO 14882:2003 Standard.


The -g++ switch may be used with the Blackfin compiler. It directs the compiler to support many of the GNU G++ extensions to the C++ language. The -g++ switch may be used in conjunction with either the -c++ or -c++11 switches.


These language conformance enhancements are only available in the Blackfin compiler. They are not available in the SHARC compiler.