FAQ: How the System Cross Bar (SCB) in BF70x different than in BF60x ?

Document created by Mitesh Employee on May 20, 2014
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The SCB fabric in BF70x has the following major differences as compared to that in BF60x:


- The SCB arbitration in BF60x is programmed in terms of number of read/write channel slots while in BF70x, the arbitration is programmed in terms of the read/write Quality of Service (OQS) value. Each master is associated with its own read/write QOS value. This value is used by the SCBs at various levels to arbitrate among various masters. For more details, please refer BF70x HRM.


- The SCB fabric in BF70x has "Interface Block Sync Mode" registers to program the clock domain crossing (async/1:1/1:n/n:1) across various clock domains (e.g. SYSCLK:DCLK, SCLK1:SYSCLK etc). This helps in improving the throughput across the fabric. This option is not available in BF60x.