FAQ: What are the major differences between DMC module of BF60x and BF70x ?

Document created by Mitesh Employee on May 20, 2014
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Following are some differences between the DMC  of BF60x and BF70x:


- The DMC controller in BF70x is similar to a great extent to the controller in BF60x with some enhancements. For example, the DMC controller in BF70x supports an internal read data buffer which acts as a small cache and thus can improve the overall efficiency.


- The DMC PHY in BF70x is completely different than the PHY in BF60x. The drive impedance and the on die termination programming is done differently in BF70x. It supports auto-calibration of the drive impedance and the ODT values and thus has much more granular control over these values as compared to the DMC PHY in BF70x.


- The programming model of the DMC in BF70x is similar to that in BF60x except that the user need to make sure that the drive impedance and ODT calibration is done well before the initializing the DMC module.


For more information, please refer BF70x Hardware Reference Manual.