ADIsimPE How do I define the correct symbol?

Document created by LucaV Employee on Apr 15, 2014
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Hi, all.


I'd like to simulate diffrential amp(ADA4938-2) by using ADIsimPE.

So I imported ADA4938-2's spice model and define the symbol,

ADIsimPE doesn't show the correct symbol.


How do I define the correct symbol?


ADIsimPE run on SIMetrix/SIMPLIS platform.

You can find instruction on generating symbols in the documentation page for SIMetrix.


Depending on the complexity level of the model you are trying to use it may or may not work un-encrypted in ADIsimPE. We are working hard at including all available models and symbols in the encrypted library you installed with ADIsimPE.

We will update libraries according to SIMetrix/SIMPIS update schedule.

ADIsimPE is still in Beta version so expect frequency updates.


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