FAQ: ADIS1644x Mounting on the EVAL-ADIS

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How do I mount the ADIS16445AMLZ to the EVAL-ADIS, without putting pressure on its substrate? 



The present instructions for mounting the ADIS16445AMLZ or ADIS16448AMLZ to the EVAL-ADIS do not meet the suggestions in the ADIS1644x Mounting Tips for Optimal Bias FAQ.  The consequence of this is that the ADIS1644x products will be under a stress profile that will not support best temperature-dependent or repeatability behaviors for the gyroscope bias. We are working on a new accessory kit that will address this in a few months, but we also wanted to offer some short-term ideas for addressing this concern. Please keep in mind, the purpose of these ideas is to help those who are prototyping a short-term solution, not offer a way to design an entire system around the EVAL-ADIS.


  1. AN-1146 presents a bracket design that fits the ADIS16334 package.
  2. In comparison, the ADIS16445 and ADIS16448 use the same package dimensions, with one exception: they are 5mm longer and in this dimension, their mounting holes are 5mm further apart. 
  3. For those who want to design and fabricate a bracket that fits the ADIS1644x package, this bracket provides a great starting point.  Visit the following location on the ADIS16334 product page, to download a 3-D model of this design.
  4. We expect to provide an updated version of this type of bracket, which accommodates these differences, inside of an updated accessory kit by July, 2014. While not official, we expect to make this accessory kit available through the following part number: ADIS16IMU2/PCBZ.
  5. For those who can access one of the ADIS16334 brackets (more on that below), we can offer the following steps for using it to mount the ADIS1644xAMLZ to the EVAL-ADIS.
    1. Cut the ADIS16334 bracket across the width in a manner that removes all of the mounting shelf that is on the "open end."
    2. Set the ADIS1644xAMLZ unit in the modified bracket:
    3. Using a 2.87mm drill bit, expand the diameter of the ADIS1644x mounting holes on the EVAL-ADIS (Marked as "E" on the EVAL-ADIS silkscreen)
    4. Follow the rest of the Physical Setup steps listed in the ADIS1644x PC Evaluation Wiki Guide, with one exception: use (1) M2 washer and (1) M2x0.4mm nut for each machine screws on the back side of the EVAL-ADIS and use a torque screwdriver to set the machine screw torque to 24 inch-ounces.
      ADIS1644x PC Evaluation Wiki Guide/Physical Setup Section:


We have produced a limited number of the ADIS16334 brackets and can make them available upon request, while supplies last. Since we do not have a large number of these brackets, we would ask that you only request them if you are ready to take action on your evaluation at this time. For those who are ready to implement these steps and would like us to send you a bracket, please "Like" this post and make sure that your email is correct in your Engineer Zone profile. I will reach out to you through email and make arrangements to ship a bracket (while supplies last). I hope that this helps!