FAQ: Continuous data sampling on ADIS16223?

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Mar 12, 2014
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How can I get continuous data sampling on the ADIS16223?



You cannot configure the ADIS16223 to provide continuous time sampling. It is designed for applications that monitor vibration signatures using FFT or other post-processing routines. In these types of applications, the vibrations signatures typically do not change faster than the ADIS16223 support a complete cycle of data collection and communication with a SPI-compatible processor. When fully optimized, the ADIS16223 can support a full-speed, 3-axis, 1024 time domain capture in intervals of approximately 100ms. So, when considering this for "real-time," the key question is, "will my conditions change over a time period that is less than 100ms?"  If so, then the ADIS16223 might not be the right product for you to start with.


For similar sensor behaviors, you can start with the ADXL001 and build up your own continuous data acquisition system.  The following Circuit Note would be a good place to start for reference design information:



Hope that helps!


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