Difference between AD7656 and AD7656-1

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Q: What are the similarities and differences between AD7656 and AD7656-1?



  • The AD7656-1 is a pin to pin and software compatible upgrade to the AD7656.
  • The AD7656-1 has reduced decoupling requirements and reduced bill of materials cost compared with the AD7656.
  • Both parts contain low noise, wide bandwidth, track-and-hold amplifiers but differ in full power bandwidth. The AD7656 can handle input frequencies up to 12 MHz, the AD7656-1 can handle up to 4.5 MHz.
  • Functionality-wise, the only difference is that the AD7656 can work with a 2.5V or 3V reference whereas the AD7656-1 can only accept a 2.5V reference.
  • There are AC/DC specification differences that could affect calibration routines – please refer to the datasheet specification table for more information.
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