The 2013R1 Linux release for Blackfin

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Some performance and stabilization issues have been fixed since last release. Therefore, we announce the 2013R1 Linux release for both BF5xx and BF60x families to address these issues. Please upgrade to the buildroot distribution in the 2013R1 release for latest revision Linux kernel and middle wares. An overview and basic development guide for the buildroot can be found at .

In the development stage of this release, ADI decided to transfer the Linux related open source projects for Blackfin from the old GForge server to the server. The source repositories, task and bug trackers, mailing lists, news and released files have been migrated to the new projects on the server. But, you can still navigate to these projects via the home page . In order to continue to contribute actively to the bug fixing and development of these projects, please create your own account in and subscribe yourself to the relevant projects. There is no change to current help forum and wiki document service.

This release includes 3 packages: 2013R1-RC2 buildroot Linux distribution, 2013R1-RC1 GNU toolchain and 2013R1-RC1 Das U-boot. The binary images, source code and testing results are free to download from . We appreciate your bug reports and suggestions.

Improvements in this release:

[GNU Toolchian]
- Toolchain stays on GCC 4.3.
- Some minor updates to urjtag
- uClibc-full now has NFTW, NETLINK and SUPPORT_AI_ADDRCONFIG enabled.

[Das U-boot]
- Das u-boot is updated to v2013.07.
- Do early print via the generic serial API other than the Blackfin specific implementation.
- Move blackfin watchdog driver, serial driver and gpio arch driver for bf54x and bf60x out of the blackfin arch folder.

- Linux kernel is updated to 3.10.10. Buildroot is updated to 2013.08.
- Support bf609 v0.1 processor
- Bring up the 1000M stmmac driver for BF60x. The max net throughput increases from 65 Mbps to 90M bps.
- Fixed a PTP timer and PTP source clock conversion bug on BF609, which cause the PTP timer latency varies between 500ns and 50000ns. Stable the PTP timer latency around 500ns.
- Improve the performance of the TWI driver. Reduce the loss of the TWI transfer interrupts when the system is heavily handling other interrupts by reading the TWI RX register till the FIFO is empty and writing the TWI TX register till the FIFIO is full.
- Add adv7343 video encoder driver with S-Video and Component output support
- Enable write back/through cache policy in both Linux ICC driver and core 1 bare metal stub. The performance of core B application improves a lot.
- Bring up the MCAPI based Camera photo to JPEG file encoding demo on BF609. FFmpeg is used to capture 1 frame of photo from the Camera.

Please read the release notes for more information:

Find 2013R1-RC2 Linux distribution source code, bootable images and test results at

Find 2013R1-RC1 toolchain binaries, source code and test results at

Find 2013R1-RC1 uboot source code, bootable images and test results at

Any questions, please send email to respective mailing list or the Analog Devices Engineer Zone Communities.

Linux kernel and buildroot distribution issues:

GNU Toolchain and debugging tool issues:

Das u-boot issues:

You can also check out the source code from the SCMs

git clone git:// toolchain
git checkout 2013R1-RC1

git clone git:// buildroot
git checkout 2013R1-RC2

git clone git:// linux-kernel
git checkout 2013R1-RC2

git clone git:// buildroot
git checkout 2013R1-RC1