FAQ: ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Nov 27, 2013
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How do I determine if I should use the ADIS16480 or ADIS16488?



The ADIS16480 or ADIS16488 use exactly the same hardware and calibration routines, but have one key difference: the ADIS16480 provides an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for fusing the gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer information together to produce orientation angles. While on the surface, that may sound very useful, our research indicates that many situations, the EKF in the ADIS16480 will not provide the best performance available and in some of those cases, it may not function at all. While it is difficult to communicate an exact set of "boundary conditions" for this selection process, we can offer the following statement to guide your evaluation of this important choice:


  • The ADIS16480 EKF requires a stable platform and no (or very little) magnetic field interference during its start-up process or during its reset recovery process.
  • The ADIS16480 EKF was tuned for applications that are relatively "slow moving." For applications that anticipate large vibration or dynamic motion, we would suggest using the ADIS16488 and developing more application-specific EKF routines.


We hope that helps and look forward to any new discussion threads on this topic.


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