FAQ: How are dependencies managed in CrossCore Embedded Studio

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How does CrossCore Embedded Studio manage dependencies in a project, and is there a way to force a manual update of the dependencies in the event of a build error?





CrossCore Embeded Studio, or rather the underlying Eclipse mechanism, manages the makefile generation. Makefiles are updated when a project build is triggered. This option is enabled by default, but is configurable under 'Project: Properties: C/C++ Build'. The 'Builder Settings' tab here provides Makefile generation options, including the option to "Generate Makefiles Automatically".


Refreshing the project (via 'F12' or right clicking on the project and selecting "Refresh") will also ensure that all the necessary resources to be built are visible to CCES before the build.


To gather dependencies, CCES provides the Eclipse mechanism with the dependency information of each object to be built. The list of an object's dependencies can be found in the corresponding .\Debug\*.d source file.

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