Noise Figure vs. Gain Index Plots

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A common request is to see noise figure (NF) data vs. gain index.  The data sheet shows NF vs. LO frequency but not NF vs. gain index.  Some versions of the user guides have also had these plots but given the common request for the data, the plots now have their FAQ.


The plots below all use the recommended ADI gain tables that are part of the driver code.  The NF values are for the transceiver alone.  The balun, connector, and trace losses have been de-embedded.  Note that a real system will have these losses as well as other such as switch, SAW, etc., losses so a system NF will be higher than the transceiver itself. Losses due to non-optimized matching will degrade affect NF as well so it is important to match all RF system impedances as closely as possible for minimum NF.











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