What evaluation tools are available for ADXL375?

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There are two evaluation boards for ADXL375. One is the breakout board named EVAL-ADXL375Z, another one is the real time evaluation system named EVAL-ADXL375Z-M.


The EVAL-ADXL375Z is a simple breakout board that enables easy connection of an ADXL375 into an existing system. Due to its small size, the EVAL-ADXL313Z has minimal effect on performance of the system and of the accelerometer, and thus it is ideal for evaluation of the ADXL375 in an existing system.

Note that the ADXL375 must be communicated with digitally via SPI or I2C. No processor is included with the EVAL-ADXL375Z; firmware must be supplied externally by the user. For evaluation boards that include a processor, please see the EVAL-ADXL375Z-M (http://www.analog.com/en/mems-sensors/mems-inertial-sensors/adxl345/products/EVAL-MST-ISEB/eb.html).


The EVAL-ADXL375Z-M is one of the EVB in the iMEMS® Real Time Eval System family. The iMEMS® Real Time Eval System is an easy-to-use evaluation tool targeting bench or desktop characterization of Analog Devices, Inc., inertial sensor products. The system consists of the
inertial sensor evaluation board (ISEB), or main board, and a satellite board for any Analog Devices inertial sensor product. The ISEB connects directly to a PC via an USB cable, with the USB connection providing both communications and power to the board. The ISEB is connected to the satellite board through a ribbon cable. This cable allows the satellite to be easily manipulated for testing or separately placed into an environmental chamber for temperature or humidity testing. Separating the boards mitigates corruption of data due to the temperature and humidity effects of other components.


The ISEB is an universal main board and is intended to be used with various satellites of Analog Devices inertial sensors, including analog
and digital accelerometers, as well as gyroscopes. The different products are evaluated by means of separate GUIs that are customized for performance and characterization measurements relevant to the inertial sensor being evaluated.


The EVAL-ADXL375Z-M system contains the ISEB and the EVAL-ADXL375Z-S satellite. Also included is an USB A to Mini-B cable to connect the ISEB to a PC and an 18-inch, 20-pin ribbon cable to connect the ISEB to the satellite. Attachecd is the user guide for the EVAL-ADXL375Z-M. More data about this EVB such as USB driver, run time engine, firmware, GUI installer can be found from either http://www.analog.com/en/mems-sensors/mems-inertial-sensors/adxl345/products/EVAL-MST-ISEB/eb.html or ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/iMEMS_Sensor_Eval/.