2011-07-12 07:40:35     Debugging .DXE Application

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2011-07-12 07:40:35     Debugging .DXE Application


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I have used visualDSP++ 5.0 to create and build a application which produces a .DXE file. I our production environment i would like to use the GNU toolchain to load the .DXE onto the DSP run it and read back data from the device in debug mode.


Is it posible to use GDB to load this file onto my dsp and debug it using breakpoints and read data back?


I have got to the point where i can load the .DXE and run the application but i can't seem to set break points. It's looking for symbol data.




2011-07-12 11:36:59     Re: Debugging .DXE Application

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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last i looked, the VDSP 5.0 debug format is not compatible with the GNU tools.  so if you strip out all the debugging info, you might get exported symbols only.


you could look at the helper script "vdsp-flash-programmer" here:



that is designed to strip out known cruft from DXE's so gdb can consume them better.  but anything beyond that is most likely not supported.  VDSP is planning on changing their file formats to work with GDB, but only in the next major release (i.e. VDSP 6.x and not VDSP 5.x).