2011-05-20 14:52:48     Newbie questions

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2011-05-20 14:52:48     Newbie questions


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I'm clear on most things (been doing a lot of reading here) and am completely new to Blackfin but have 2 questions:


1. Does anyone have a complete example and walk through of a bare metal build? Basically schematic (i.e. Blackfin and a codec), all code so I can see how things like timers are set up for a particular sample rate, etc? Could be as simple as read ADC, write to DAC at a particular rate. Looked in wiki but only saw examples of loading uboot and the linux kernel into a board.


2. Since I will be doing bare metal for my project I'll be using jtag cable. All references seem to be to parallel port based ones which is a problem as my laptop doesn't have a parallel port. Are there any USB based jtag cables that will work with the tool chain? Running Scientific Linux (fedora based) on the laptop.


Thank you.




2011-05-20 20:43:54     Re: Newbie questions


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2. At least there are three USB cables you can look for: ICE-100B, gnICE, gnICE+










2011-05-21 15:55:31     Re: Newbie questions


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Thank you, it seems I missed those while searching.


Another question for anyone... I'm not sure which Blackfin will be best for my project so looking at all the different ones and their features. Do any of the develpment boards do a better job at emulating different processors or is this a case of get the top board/processor and simply don't use the features that a lesser processor may lack? Just wondering if it is possible to spec a target processor and have the s/w or board tell me if I try to use a feature that processor doesn't support.




2011-05-23 22:19:33     Re: Newbie questions

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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no, there are no bare metal examples along those lines.  we provide a fairly small environment and banging on different peripherals is left as an exercise for the end user.  so time to break out the HRM.




2011-05-23 22:21:07     Re: Newbie questions

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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for the most part, the difference between the Blackfin variants comes down to peripheral mix.  the cores are exactly the same otherwise (ignoring speed grade differences and the few that have different L1 sizes).


so figure out what peripherals you care about, and then look at what Blackfin parts offer that mix simultaneously.