2011-02-24 06:40:50     Standalone ('bare metal') shell v1.1 released

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2011-02-24 06:40:50     Standalone ('bare metal') shell v1.1 released

Martin Strubel (SWITZERLAND)

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Hi Folks,


For the small community exploring the Blackfin the standalone (bare metal) way, i.e. non-uClinux powered, a new release of  'shell' was kicked out. You find the source and a bit of info here:




Note: It hasn't been thoroughly tested on too many platforms, depending on your toolchain (and other packages) installation, it may compile from the box or not. It's just supplied AS IS, no support, no warranties, etc.


Additions since v1.0 release:


       * Cache code added

        * BF548 EPPI auxiliaries added

        * Added more bare metal linker scripts supporting cache

        * Quite a few more boards added


Have fun,


- Strubi




2011-05-04 11:01:20     Re: Standalone ('bare metal') shell v1.1 released

Prasanth Rajagopal (INDIA)

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Hi Martin,


Sorry if I sound naive here, but I have two questions:


1. How different is this approach from the u-boot which has a command line based approach?


2. Wondering what all cases or application development scenarios it can be used. Is the idea to have a Shell comparable to that of the features of the Linux Shell?