2011-04-11 04:40:02     Aboriginal Linux?

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2011-04-11 04:40:02     Aboriginal Linux?

Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

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I read about Aboriginal Linux, which appears to be a way to cross-compile images in a emulator and make it easier to spot errors in dependencies, etc. faster.


I was wondering if Blackfin users use Aboriginal Linux or a similar solution to improve the time/work required to port and compile application to Blackfin/uClinux?


Thank you.




2011-04-11 10:49:46     Re: Aboriginal Linux?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i imagine it's like scratchbox.  the model isnt nearly as useful for nommu systems since we dont (cant?) have native compilers (lack of fork).


toolchain trunk already has an initial port of qemu for Linux userland binaries though.