2010-12-14 12:47:52     2010R1 toolchain build problem on ubuntu 10.10

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2010-12-14 12:47:52     2010R1 toolchain build problem on ubuntu 10.10

Ashish Gupta (INDIA)

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I am facing problems building the 2010R1 toolchain on ubuntu 10.10. Following are the steps I followed:


1. After a fresh installation of ubuntu 10.10, followed the following page to install all the SW packages




2. Then downloaded the latest toolchain release, uclinux and u-boot using SVN from the linkss given here -




3. Then fired the commands to build the toolchain by referring the following page-




4. Problem is that the build never completes, basically I get no message after "bfin-elf: binutils/gdb: building". Build process does not move past this point even after waiting for hours. Following is the screen dump and attached is the generated log file.


ashish@ashish-genesis:~/blackfin_sources/2010R1$ ./toolchain/buildscript/BuildToolChain -b /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/ -k /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x/ -s /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/ -u /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/u-boot/

Checking for development packages (skip checks with the -D option)

Found multiple versions of which, using the one at /usr/bin/which

Building toolchains:        bfin-elf bfin-uclinux bfin-linux-uclibc

Building gcc versions:      4.3

Building gcc languages:     all found

Utilizing make:             make -j2

Toolchain source:           /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain

Kernel source:              /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x/

Path to staging output dir: /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/staging_build

Path to ELF output dir:     /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/bfin-elf

Path to logs output dir:    /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/logs

Path to binutils-2.17:      /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/binutils-2.17

Path to gcc-4.3:            /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/gcc-4.3

Path to elf2flt:            /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/elf2flt

Path to uClibc:             /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/uClibc

Path to ldr-utils:          /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/ldr-utils

Path to libusb:             /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/libusb

Path to libftdi-1.0:        /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/libftdi-1.0

Path to urjtag:             /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/urjtag

Path to gdbproxy:           /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/gdbproxy

Path to FLAT output dir:    /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/bfin-uclinux

Path to FDPIC output dir:   /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/bfin-linux-uclibc

Path to kernel output dir:  /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/kernel_build

Path to U-Boot:             /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/u-boot/

Path to uClibc config:      /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/uClibc/extra/Configs/

Creating log file:          /home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/build/logs/log

*** bfin-elf: binutils/gdb: configuring (2.17)              28 Nov 2010 13:52:30

*** bfin-elf: binutils/gdb: building                        28 Nov 2010 13:52:49


I've sucessfully compiled the 2010R1 toolchain using the same process on ubuntu 9.10, it just hangs on ubuntu 10.10. Any clue why this may be happening? Anyone else facing similar issues?










2010-12-14 12:53:30     Re: 2010R1 toolchain build problem on ubuntu 10.10

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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first off, why are you building from source ?  just use the pre-compiled binaries already provided.




2010-12-16 08:57:54     Re: 2010R1 toolchain build problem on ubuntu 10.10

Steve Kilbane (UNITED KINGDOM)

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Your log file contains 100 instances of this warning:


make: Warning: File `/home/ashish/blackfin_sources/2010R1/toolchain/binutils-2.17/Makefile.in' has modification time 5.2e+05 s in the future


Clean everything out first, then try again.




2011-01-05 18:13:13     Re: 2010R1 toolchain build problem on ubuntu 10.10

Matt Prewett (UNITED STATES)

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Hi Ashish,


Did you resolve your  issue?  Did you happen to try Ubuntu 10.04?