2010-11-30 15:44:42     Problems with urjtag and ICE-100B

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2010-11-30 15:44:42     Problems with urjtag and ICE-100B

Marcelle Gannon (AUSTRALIA)

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Hi, I have an ICE-100B and BF-527 Ez-Kit board and am having problems with the urjtag tools. The ICE-100B works fine with Visual DSP.


I've tried it on a Linux box running Ubuntu. I downloaded blackfin-toolchain-2010R1-RC4.src.tar.bz2 and built the jtag tool.

Running ./jtag from src/apps/jtag, and then 'cable probe' gave this (same for 'cable ICE-100B):

Found USB cable: ICE-100B

Error: usbconn/libusb.c:239 usbconn_libusb_open() libusb error: libusb_claim_interface failed: -1


I also tried the Windows version (on XP) from the latest snapshot - blackfin-toolchain-win32-SVN.exe - SVN-20101128. I did the modification to the .inf file as an earlier poster described.


I ran bfin-jtag.exe and "cable probe". This said "Found USB cable: ICE-100B, ICE-100B Firmware Version is 2.0.0.", but on repeating this command it said the version was 0.0.1 and needed upgrading. On a third run it said (after some delay): "do_host_cmd: unable to read from usb to &results: -7;wanted 2 bytes but only received 0 bytes", and then complained about version 0.0.1.


The firmware version has already been upgraded as described. Any help will be appreciated (with either Windows or Linux version). Thanks.




2010-11-30 16:06:24     Re: Problems with urjtag and ICE-100B

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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did you grant your user under linux proper permissions to the usb devices ?  try running it as root to see if that's the problem.


the Windows bug is known.  for now, just dont do that.




2010-12-01 01:06:54     Re: Problems with urjtag and ICE-100B

Marcelle Gannon (AUSTRALIA)

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That was it, thanks!  All working now (on Linux).