FAQ:  What is the cause of the Target Connection Error 0x80004005 or 0x80044005?

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I occasionally receive the Target Connection Error 0x80004005 or 0x80044005 when trying to connect to my target in the IDDE - what causes this?





There are a number of problems which may be the root cause of a Target Connection Error.


First, ensure that the Session you are connecting to within VisualDSP++ is appropriate to your hardware. Check the target processor(s) and, if appropriate, the Emulator.


This error could also be caused by a corrupt Session. To determine if this is the cause, please delete your current session and re-create it from scratch. This can be done via 'Session'->'New Session' or by starting VisualDSP++ while holding the 'CTRL' key and choosing "New Session" when the 'Session List' window appears.


You should also check the Device Manager to confirm there are no reported problems with the hardware.


Please test your target board to ensure that it is not in a bad state, e.g. stuck in Reset. If you are using a Custom Board we would also recommend that you consult EE-68 for details of the JTAG specification to ensure your board conforms to this standard.


For our Emulator Troubleshooting please review either EE-175 or EE-356 and carrying out all troubleshooting techniques described:


The EE-Notes are available in our Technical Library.




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