2010-09-08 03:03:58     malloc.h clarification

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2010-09-08 03:03:58     malloc.h clarification

svs k (INDIA)

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Hi All,




Kindly tell me if the following functions are supported in 2009R1.1-RC2 or any other toolchains. I could not see the declarations in malloc.h file. I currently have a file that has the following functions and not able to compile the file in blackfin  gcc toolchain. but the file is compiling in gcc toolchain.  Kindly clarify how can i compile the file with the existing bfin gcc toolchain.




void * (*malloc_hook)(size_t s);

  void * (*realloc_hook)(void *p , size_t s );

  void (*free_hook)(void *p );

  void * (*memalign_hook)(size_t al, size_t s );











2010-09-08 03:09:41     Re: malloc.h clarification

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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there is no support for those non-standard hooks nor will there ever be