FAQ:  Why are certain portions of my EZ-KIT Lite schematics missing or not shown?

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The BF548 EZ-KIT Lite schematic is missing the Debug Agent interface. Is this part of the schematic available?





The Debug Agent (USB debugger) interface on the EZ-KIT Lite is proprietary. This is implemented by the FPGA and, on newer EZ-KIT Lites, additional BF535 processor.

What is not shown on the schematics:
The EZ-Kit includes hardware consisting of an FPGA on older EZ-KIT Lites, and a BF535 on newer EZ-KIT Lites,  which implements two different main  functions. It implements a proprietary USB debugger interface for communication between the board and the host PC as well as also implementing a serial port interface for communication between the DSPs and the on-board converters.



Further details of the FPGA/BF535 interface (software and hardware) of this undisclosed section of the EZ-Kit Lite are proprietary and cannot be made available.


Additionally, board design information for all released products can be found via the "EZ-KIT Lite Design Database" link on the Product Information page for the appropriate EZ-KIT Lite, as well as being available at the following locations:

21xx Board Design Database

TigerSHARC Board Design Database

SHARC Board Design Database

Blackfin Board Design Database


Please refer to the Readme.txt for a description of the contents of the ZIP files.




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