FAQ:  Why does the ICE Test pass but IDDE cannot connect to target?

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The ICE Test Utility passes, but when I try to connect to my target in the IDDE the connection fails with a target connection error. What is causing this?





The ICE Test utility only talks to the JTAG port on the processor. It sets the processor to bypass mode and shifts bits through the JTAG bypass register. This utility only verifies that the JTAG connection is working, nothing more. These tests do NOT test the /EMU signal, which is specific to ADI and used by our ICEs as a JTAG emulation status flag from the processor.  They also do NOT test for issues like shorts, problems with the processor's pins, etc.


You should also check the state of the bus request signal on power-up and verify that the processor is not stuck in reset.



If you are using a custom board, it is also recommended to consult the 'JTAG Emulation Technical Reference' - EE-68 for details of the JTAG specification and to ensure your board conforms with this standard.


More information on possible causes of a Target Connection Error can be found in the ‘Emulator and EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Troubleshooting Guide’ - EE-175.The troubleshooting advice in this EE-Note can be used to resolve most installation, connection, and software issues affecting the use of Analog Devices In-Circuit Emulators (ICEs) and EZ-KIT Lite® evaluation systems.

All EE-notes can be accessed from our Technical Library.



The ICE Test is available from the Target Configurator by clicking the ‘Test…’ button.




To invoke the VisualDSP++ Configurator from the Windows Start button choose Programs, Analog Devices, VisualDSP 5.0, and then VisualDSP++ Configurator.



[CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES)]

The Target Configurator is invoked by selecting Debug Configurations from the Run file menu within CrossCore Embedded Studio.



Alternatively you can right-click a project and choose either Run As > Run Configurations or Debug As > Debug Configurations from the context menu. Once the Run/Debug Configurations dialog box appears click Select Session from the Session tab of the Run/Debug Configurations dialog box. The Session Wizard appears.


Click Configurator from any page of the Session wizard to load the Target Configurator.




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